American evangelical Christians have created a terror state for gays in Uganda

There’s been much debate on cable and social media about the moral equivalency of violent acts carried out by Christians in the past as opposed to the current climate of Islamic terrorism.

While I think the debate sometimes becomes a way for both sides to dodge taking ownership of the extremists in their respective camps, a recent episode of VICE reminded me that American mainstream fundamentalist Christians – with ties to Republicans in Washington — are participating in a very real terror campaign against the gay populations of Africa, especially in Uganda.

The mini documentary exposes how Uganda became synonymous with its “Kill The Gays” bill which generated international condemnation. It became law and then was tossed out by the Ugandan Supreme Court, but only on a technicality.
VICE interviewed Ugandan Member of Parliament David Bahati, who authored the bill. Bahati is a member of the secretive Washington, D.C. based organization known as The Family, which has helped to coordinate the war against LGBT people in Uganda.

Bahati refuses to name any one of his American partners, but [GOP Senator James Inhofe] is clearly one. Also among Bahati’s supporters and partners are Scott Lively, Pastor Rick Warren, Sharon Slater, and the World Congress of Families. And Bahati makes clear he and his country support the culture these American Christian extremists have brought to Uganda – one that teaches, falsely, that gay people are all pedophiles, homosexuality is a choice, it is evil, and children must be protected from it at all costs.

VICE reporter Isobel Yeung interviewed a man in Kampala who openly admitted that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill another man he believed to be gay. Women are subject to a different form of treatment.

“If we find a woman with a woman, we pull out one and do it to her. We have sex with her. We cannot allow a woman to have sex with a fellow woman,” the man said.

Sky Palma, Dead State

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