SAN FRANCISCO POLITICAL LEADERSHIP commits to ‘Next Generation’ Housing and Schools Campaign

Photos by John Han
Sentinel Photographer
Copyright © 2007 San Francisco Sentinel

By Pat Murphy
Sentinel Editor & Publisher
Copyright © 2007 San Francisco Sentinel

In resurrgent unanimity, the entire political leadership of San Francisco has signed on to a strategy for retaining City families.

Developed by Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, the plan would:

– Double the City’s current affordable housing pipeline of 1,500 (recently revised to 1,700), to 3,000 by 2011.

– Increase the opportunity for all students to go to college or living wage work, with an emphasis on African American, Latino, and Pacific Islander students. Raise the achievement of all students so that at least 60% of students in all racial groups have the opportunity to go to college by 2011.

– Budget for high quality childcare, violence prevention and alternatives to incarceration, youth employment, family support services as well as health and after school services.

As of May 11, Mayor Gavin Newsom, School Superintendent Gwen Chan, the San Francisco School Board, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as well as state legislators back the agenda.

Students, parents, and officials celebrated unanimity of purpose Saturday in Civic Center.

NTanya Lee, Executive Director of Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth at left







Sentinel Photographer
For the last year, John Han served Sentinel readership as a freelance photographer. He has that natural eye for photography which cannot be developed or learned. He has earned a following of clients, including the World Affairs Council of Northern California. John joined the Sentinel fulltime in April, 2007.

Sentinel Editor & Publisher
In his youth, Pat Murphy worked as a General Assignment reporter for the Richmond Independent, the Berkeley Daily Gazette, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He served as Managing Editor of the St. Albans (Vermont) Daily Messenger at age 21. Murphy also launched ValPak couponing in San Francisco, as the company’s first San Francisco franchise owner. He walked the bricks, developing ad strategy for a broad range of restaurants and merchants. Pat knows what works and what doesn’t work. His writing skill has been employed by marketing agencies, including Don Solem & Associates. He has covered San Francisco governance for the past ten years. Pat scribes an offbeat view of the human family through Believe It or What.

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