SAN FRANCISCO MAYOR Gavin Newsom never used cocaine – KPIX NEWS ANCHOR: Allegation “A New Low” – Chronicle, Examiner, Sentinel Call for Censure

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By Pat Murphy
Sentinel Editor & Publisher
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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has never used cocaine, Newsom said Wednesday morning frustrated that he had to answer a ‘when did you stop beating wife’ question.

Terming the allegation “about as sleazy as it gets,” Newsom made the remarks following a City Hall Press conference announcing a new website helpful to residents and businesses in determining how much solar power would be needed to power their buildings.

One day earlier, San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly implied Newsom may have used cocaine.

The San Francisco Chronicle Thursday called for Daly to be censured by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The San Francisco Examiner and The San Francisco Sentinel as well called for censure.

Daly made the comment during a Tuesday meeting of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in a hearing on Health Department budgeting proposed by Newsom.

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Sentinel Photography Editor
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Elected as the representative of some 60,000 San Francisco District 6 residents, Daly asserted the implication and then declared he was going home — some hours before Health Department budget hearing was completed.

“It’s ironic,” Daly asked rhetorically, “that there are $2 million in cuts in substance abuse proposed by Gavin Christopher Newsom.

“Where, I ask, does Gavin Christopher Newsom get his substance abuse recovery, and how much does it cost the City?”

“And now I’m going home,” Daly stated moments later and just as quickly began that journey.

District 6 Supervisor Daly is a loquacious critic of Newsom who is up for re-election as mayor in November.

Daly recently convened a well attended Progressive Convention geared to produce a candidate to run against Newsom.

None materialized.

As chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Daly attempted to rewrite Newsom’s 2007-2008 proposed City Budget by shortcut ordinance.

Public reaction caused Board President Aaron Peskin — who appointed Daly as chair of the Budget and Finance Committee — to not only strip Daly of his Budget and Finance Committee chairmanship but also remove Daly from that committee altogether.

This morning Newsom took note of Daly behavior.

“The answer is absolutely not,” Newsom responded to media questioning whether Newsom has used cocaine.

“It’s offensive and it’s about as low as it gets,” he continued.

“It’s about as sleazy as it gets.

“I’ve seen it — because I’m not naive — I’ve seen a lot of things said and done politically but usually politicians don’t do the dirty work. They have their handlers and consultants do the dirty work.

“I’ve never seen an elected official during a legislative session take this kind of cheap shot.

“For whatever reason, he doesn’t want to engage me on the issues.

“He’s opposed to our free WiFi. He’s opposed to efforts on our Justice Centers. He’s opposed to more community police officers.

“For whatever reason, he doesn’t want to come out of the shadows and engage me directly…

“So now he’s taken the cheapest of cheap shots.

“It’s offensive.”

Supervisor Daly has entered his mid-30s.

Sentinel Editor & Publisher
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