MAZE COLLAPSE: Extra BART service through weekend – AC Transit expands West Oakland service to San Francisco

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced today it plans to continue extra service this weekend and on Monday after seeing a huge spike in ridership this week during MacArthur Maze demolition and reconstruction.

And the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) is expanding service from
West Oakland to San Francisco.

BART spokesman Jim Allison said that this weekend there would be an increase in train trips and more cars added to existing trains.

The decision to keep extended service running through the weekend comes after a week when BART saw two of its three busiest days in ridership to date.

According to Allison, a record setting Tuesday saw 374,200 people ride BART, followed by BART’s third highest ridership total on Thursday, when the system saw 375,200 riders.

Allison said planned extra service is one reason why BART has been able to maintain or exceed its 94 percent on-time performance while carrying record numbers of riders.

BART plans this weekend to add cars to the Dublin/Pleasanton-SFO/Millbrae line and the Richmond-Fremont line, Allison reported.

On Monday morning BART will run 11 more trains than usual, each being extended by at least one car. The additional trains will be made up of six Concord to San Francisco lines and five San Francisco to Concord lines.

On Monday afternoon seven additional one-way trips will be made, with one additional train running on both the Richmond-Daly City line and the Daly City-Richmond line, three additional trains on the Daly City-Concord line and two additional trains on the Concord-Daly City line.

BART officials say they are ready to take on even more passengers if an increase in demand becomes necessary.

As crews scramble to fix the destroyed freeway connector at the Maze, AC Transit is beefing up its service to San Francisco with eight morning trips every weekday and 48 return trips throughout the day.

Line W service begins at the California Department of Transportation park and ride lot at Seventh and Linden streets in Oakland, where 180 parking spaces are available. The service will run every 30 minutes between 6:15 a.m. and 8:35 a.m. to the San Francisco Transbay Terminal at First and Mission streets.

Return service is scheduled to be available on AC Transit Line W or Line O at 10-minute intervals between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The AC Transit move is the latest effort by regional public transportation agencies to alleviate the commute problems caused by Sunday’s explosion on the connector ramp from westbound Interstate Highway 80 to southbound Interstate Highway 880.

Bay Area Rapid Transit spokesman Jim Allison announced Thursday that free additional parking for the Rockridge station would be available beginning today.

Around 90 additional parking spaces will be available to riders at the former Albertson’s lot at 5727 College Ave. in Oakland — about one block north of the Rockridge station — until June 10, Allison reported.

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