City and San Francisco State University partner to address declining African-American population in San Francisco

From the Mayor’s Office of Communications

Today Mayor Gavin Newsom announced a partnership with San Francisco State’s College of Ethnic Studies to provide research assistance and analysis in support of the City’s effort to preserve the current African-American population and look at ways to attract new African-American residents and businesses.

Over the past several years San Francisco has seen a steep decline in the number of African-Americans. Whilethe decline generally reflects a similar trend experienced in other Bay Area cities and other urban areas around thecountry, the rate of decline in SF exceeds other jurisdictions with similar demographic and characteristics.

“This is an issue of deep concern to my administration,” said Mayor Newsom.

“African-Americans have made and continue to make important contributions to this City so to sit back and watch while their numbers continue todwindle is simply unacceptable.”

District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell notes, “San Francisco is working toward creating a climate that is welcoming and encouraging to African-Americans and that helps to foster African-American businesses.”

The scope of work for San Francisco State will include an analysis of census and other data to get a better pictureof who is leaving and where they are going; it will also include a survey of best practices in other jurisdictions and surveys of current and former African-American residents of the city.

“We felt strongly that we needed a partnership that could bring academic rigor to the research phase and objectivity to the recommendation phase,” said Mayor’s Office of Community Development Director, Fred Blackwell.

“The College of Ethnic Studies is a perfect match on both of those fronts,” added Blackwell.

“San Francisco State is proud to be a part of this important effort,” stated Kenneth Monteiro, Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies.

“We are glad to see that the Mayor’s Office is taking it seriously and we are very excited to be
able to lend our expertise.”

Once the research phase is complete Mayor Newsom and Supervisor Sophie Maxwell will convene a Task Force to work over the summer to look at the data and develop a set of recommendations for the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors.

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