San Francisco Bay Bridge collapsed connector back in use as early as Wednesay – lists Park and Ride Logs

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Bay Area drivers can expect to be using the Interstate Highway 880 ramp that was damaged in Sunday’s tanker truck accident as early as next Wednesday, Caltrans spokesman Bob Haus said this morning.

In an effort to serve the increased number of public transit users after the collapse of part of the MacArthur Maze on Sunday morning, the regional Web site has expanded information about Bay Area Park and Ride lots.

The updated information page provides transportation options for those commuters affected by the closure of Interstate Highways 580 and 880, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Commuters can click on the scrolling “Breaking News” ticker on the Web site and find a list of Park and Ride lots that have been recently surveyed and found to have
available parking.

The site also shows users the location of each lot, which transit agency provides service to the lot, as well as additional details such as lighting or bike locker availability, the commission reported.

Park and Ride lots can also be used as meeting points for carpool and van pool, according to the commission.

The damaged section of 880 is expected to be open for traffic in five to eight days, Haus said. The highway sustained damage, but the section is still structurally sound, so Caltrans will not need to replace any steel on that part of the road.

“Right now we are concentrating on false work, which is temporary external supports that we will attach to the freeway,” Haus said.

Caltrans crews will attach long steel columns to the highway to brace the road deck,
so that crews can attach jacks and lift the freeway 9 inches. By lifting the section of road workers will be able to straighten the steel that was warped during the accident.

Crews will be repaving the road deck that was damaged by the fire at the same time as other crews are straightening the steel beams, according to Haus.

The Interstate Highway 580 ramp will be repaired in approximately 50 days, Haus said. Around nine contractors will submit bids for the repair job and the contract will be awarded the afternoon of May 7.

The contract will contain both incentives and disincentives, Haus said. The repairs should be done by June 29, and for every day before that date the repairs are finished, the contractor will receive $200,000. However, for every day after June 29 that the highway is not completed, the contractor will owe $200,000, Haus said.

The interchanges from eastbound Interstate Highway 80 to eastbound Interstate Highway 580 and from westbound Interstate Highway 80 to southbound Interstate Highway 880, were damaged after a tanker truck crashed and exploded early Sunday morning, which caused the collapse of the freeways, according to Caltrans.

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