PHOTO TIP: How to make potentially boring sunset photo interesting


Sunset photos are nice and pretty but they can be boring as well. A photograph of the colorful sky just isn’t enough to capture people’s interest. We have all seen nice skies before. Next time you come across a beautiful sunset try to incorporate something else in the shot: a bridge, for instance, a couple walking on the beach, or a bird on a lamppost. It adds dimension and scale.

Take the camera off of Auto and put it on manual. Make sure you expose the photo using the readings form the brightest part of the sky. That will silhouette everything else and create a dramatic, colorful sky.

Sentinel Photography Editor

When David Toerge left a career in photojournalism that had spanned over twelve years and started in a new direction of commercial photography he blended the editorial style with a more corporate look. David led the way in that new style garnering many awards for his work. Communications Arts has honored him over six times. Based in San Francisco, David shoots projects on location all over the US for various corporations and a multitude of magazines and always brings back great images. He has a keen sense of light, color, and composition and delivers to his clients assignments done with passion. He has climbed bridges hundreds of feet in the air, shot in caves hundreds of feet below, dived with sharks and driven the track with Indy drivers. He has shot earthquakes and firestorms but loves walking the streets with his camera just photographing the everyday life of his city.

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