SAN FRANCISCO AREA receives $34 million additional homeland security funding

Mayor Newsom today praised the federal Department of Homeland Security’s announcement that the Bay Area will receive $34.13 million in homeland security grant funding, as part of the 2007 Super Urban Area Security Initiative (SUASI) program. This represents a 25 percent increase from the 2006 grant.

“We’re pleased the Department of Homeland Security has increased our funding, recognizing the Bay Area’s importance as a high-risk region,” said Newsom.

“I also want to thank Senators Boxer and Feinstein and Speaker Pelosi for their continued support of the Bay Area SUASI.”

“I’m proud of the extraordinary regional collaboration we’ve developed over the past few years, which has strengthened our capability to prepare for and respond to man-made or natural disasters,” said Laura Phillips, Executive Director of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

This year, the Department of Homeland Security created a tiered system for categorizing urban areas based on highest risk. The Bay Area SUASI is in the top tier, along with New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles/Long Beach, Chicago, Houston and the National Capital Region.

Together, this group competed for $410.8 million (55% of the total amount available for this grant program).

The Bay Area SUASI submitted an application which contained investment areas consisting of projects which benefit the entire region. These investment areas include:

• Regional Planning and Coordination

• Emergency Management

• CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) Detection and Response

• Interoperable Communications

• Information Sharing

• Citizen Preparedness

• Mass Care

• Medical Surge

• Mass Prophylaxis

• Training and Exercises

• Public Information and Warning

• Critical Infrastructure

The Bay Area SUASI was created in 2006 when the federal government consolidated the three previously separate urban areas of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, along with the ten counties in the region. It also includes representatives from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

DHS and the Department of Commerce also announced today that the Bay Area will receive $14.5 million in funding from the Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) grants. The PSIC grant program is designed to help state and local first responders improve public safety communications and coordination during a natural or man-made disaster.

The grant will assist in purchasing equipment and conducting training for interoperable communications systems, including voice, data and video systems.

Mayor’s Office of Communications

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