CHIRS DALY: The San Francisco family need censure one of its own

Sentinel Editor & Publisher
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The phrase ‘sinking to a new low’ is hurled around so freely among politicians it has the feel of the little boy crying wolf too often… A decided shame when a real wolf bares an incisor…

Public censure of an elected colleague of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors should, this corner suggests, be reserved for undeniable wolfen behavior just as the recall of an elected official best be reserved as emergency resort…

The Sentinel strains restraint in contempt for San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly behavior… But Chris Daly is not only a San Franciscan he also is a San Francisco leader and always deserved that acknowledgement

With that acknowledgement, the City must now pubicly censure one of its own…

Even though politicians have an uncanny talent for fudging just short of accountability, Daly’s new cocaine use broadside at Mayor Gavin Newsom sadly demands public rebuff…

Take ten minutes to be happy censure never arose in your immediate family, be glad everybody loves you, and go out and love somebody back…

Sentinel Editor & Publisher
In his youth, Pat Murphy worked as a General Assignment reporter for the Richmond Independent, the Berkeley Daily Gazette, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He served as Managing Editor of the St. Albans (Vermont) Daily Messenger at age 21. Murphy also launched ValPak couponing in San Francisco, as the company’s first San Francisco franchise owner. He walked the bricks, developing ad strategy for a broad range of restaurants and merchants. Pat knows what works and what doesn’t work. His writing skill has been employed by marketing agencies, including Don Solem & Associates. He has covered San Francisco governance for the past ten years. Pat scribes an offbeat view of the human family through Believe It or What.

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