Video Of The Day May 23 2009

The Naval Hymn

Birthday Lore of The Day May 23 2009

You are enthusiastic in everything, work or play, and will try anything. Failure or adversity can not discourage you. You have self-esteem, assurance, and a persistent determination. You are fond of art, literature, and music, and are vivacious and witty. Happiness is assured you.

Advice of The Day May 23 2009

Bigger is not necessarily better and going faster is not necessarily progress.

Question of The Day May 23 2009

An old English saying goes, “Never cast a clout until May is out.” Does that refer to the month of May or to May blossoms?

“Ne’er cast a clout ’til May be out” refers to the month. Clout is from an Old English word for cloth or clothing, and the saying was a reminder not to be too quick to shuck the winter woollies before the chilly days of May were over.

Gardening Question of the Day May 23 2009

Is garlic grown in the home garden prone to fungal disease?

In cool weather, garlic can be attacked by a fungus called white rot. Not much can be done to control or prevent that problem except rotating your crops and cleaning up the area after harvesting. The spores can live in the soil for many years. The fungus affects the base of the leaves and roots. In warmer weather, you may come across basal rot, another fungus causing similar problems. Pink rot, clove rot, and neck rot are three other common fungi.

Puzzle of The Day May 23 2009

At evening by my whole you’ll think of days gone by, and never reckon that of my second, my first is made, and by my first my second.


Word of The Day May 23 2009

Stratocumulus cloud.

Rounded cloud mass that forms on top of a layer.

Today in History May 23 2009

Born: Barbara Barrie (actress), 1931. Late season snowstorm blanketed eastern Iowa with 4 to 6 inches of snow, 1882.

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