Video of The Day January 27 2009


Birthday Lore of The Day January 27

You have great ambitions and desires, and they will take you far if you accept the help of others as you go along, instead of trampling them underfoot. Accept love as it comes to you, even when you think it retards your upward struggle.

Advice of The Day January 27

After scrambling eggs, add salted water to the frying pan for easier cleanup.

Question of The Day January 27

Does baking powder get too old to use?

It can, but to test it, do this: Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder to 1 cup of hot water. If the mixture bubbles a lot, the baking powder is good. If it doesn’t bubble, throw the baking powder out

Gardening Question of the Day January 27

When is the best time to separate my peony bush? I would like to dig up part of it and put it in a sunny part of the yard.

You can dig and divide peonies from the time the foliage begins to die back (mid- to late summer) until about the first frost. Peonies are long-lived plants that do not like to be disturbed, but sometimes the trees around a peony create more shade than the plant can tolerate. To dig it up, start by cutting off all the foliage to about three inches above the soil. With a spading fork, loosen the soil in a circle around the plant. Continue digging and gently lifting the soil in this circle until you can lift out the crown of the plant. Don’t worry about trying to dig down to get all the major roots. Once the crown is out of the ground, you can cut the plant into sections. Look at the top of the crown, right below where it was growing in the soil. It will have little buds. Every division you make should have a minimum of three buds to produce another peony. Use a sturdy knife or hatchet to cut through the woody crown and replant the divisions. The secret to a happy peony is well-prepared soil. Since peonies can live up to a hundred years without disturbance, take a little time now to give them good homes. Dig generous holes, add compost, and replant. To encourage fast bloom, be sure the top of each new plant is about two inches below the soil line. The divisions will probably not bloom the first year, but after that, you will have flowers for the rest of your life.

Puzzle of The Day January 27

Did Jonah cry when the whale swallowed him?

He thought he was going to blubber, but he didn’t.

Word of The Day January 27


East Indian annual erect herb; source of sesame seed or benniseed and sesame oil.

Today in History January 27

Died: Nick McDonald (policeman who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald at a Dallas movie theater after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963), 2005. Chicago, Illinois, was blanketed with 23 inches of snow, 1967.



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