Video of The Day November 7


Birthday Lore of The Day November 7

Learn to restrain your impetuous nature; you are quick-tempered and jump to conclusions hastily. Your judgment is good and usually right if you take the time to give it due consideration. You are a jovial, fun-loving person and are popular among your acquaintances. Your love is apt to be tempestuous.

Advice of The Day November 7

Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.

Question of The Day November 7

What kind of snow fall qualifies as an official blizzard?

Meteorologists designate a blizzard when snow falls for a sustained period of time with wind speeds greater than 35 miles an hour and when visibility is less than one-fourth of a mile.

Gardening Question of the Day November 7

Can you tell me how to get rid of chipmunks? They are seriously destroying my landscaping.

Chipmunks are wily little creatures and can be tough to control. You can trap them with peanut butter, oats, nuts, or sunflower seeds in either a catch-and-release trap or one that’s a bit more, well, deadly. Chipmunk repellent sprays also are available; contact your local garden center to see if it carries them. If the chipmunks are eating your bulbs, try putting jagged shells or stones in the holes where you plant them. Plant cages will also keep the critters out.

Puzzle of The Day November 7

Old Dominion.


Word of The Day November 7


The interval of time following sunset and preceding sunrise, during which the sky is partially illuminated. The three ranges of twilight are: civil (from sunset/sunrise to when the Sun is 6° below the horizon) nautical (greater than 6° and ending at 12°) astronomical (greater than 12° and ending at 18°—full darkness).

Today in History November 7

Bette Davis became the first woman elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, 1941. The “Galloping Gertie” bridge in Tacoma collapsed in a windstorm four months after its grand opening, 1940.


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