On Scene with Bill Wilson: Reflections of Dore Alley

PhotoA 095306

The location- Folsom and Dore Alley.

This past Sunday was the Up Your Alley Street Fair, a.k.a. Dore Alley and fondly called Folsom’s dirty little brother, because it is a much smaller version of the Folsom Street Fair in September. Each year as I strive to justify my gawking I find that I come up with a theme that seems to run through my photos. One year it was taking photos that included the business signs that line the otherwise industrial street. Auto Service Center takes on a little different meaning when you crop out the Auto so that it reads Service Center and is framed by the St. Andrew Cross used by the floggers.

PhotoB 095364Cres

Reflections of Dore Alley Street Fair

This year because it was an absolutely beautifully sunny day I found myself taking photos of people and the reflections in their sunglasses. It made for an interesting viewpoint. Since a photo is worth a thousand words I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


PhotoC 095356Cres

People passing a vendor’s booth.

PhotoD 095312Cres

Steamworks featured a twisted version of “Twister”


PhotoE 095354Cres

The beer booth was a popular spot.

PhotoF 095372Cres

Sister Dana Van Iquity’s  stylish specs reflect the volunteer area.

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