On Scene with Bill Wilson and Barney Frank

The fact that Barney Frank is coming to San Francisco to be part of  Frameline and Pride Celebrations provides the perfect excuse to look through my archives and find photos from the 1980’s that feature Barney Frank, the second openly gay person to serve in the US Congress.


Congressman Barney Frank speaks before a press conference in front of the Supreme Court. Urvashi Vaid and Jeff Levi of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force



Individual interviews take place after the main event. Jeff Levi (left) talks with Patsy Lynch, photographer. Barney Frank (center). The gentleman on the right is Michael Hardwick, of the Hardwick v Bowers decision of 1986 in which the Supreme Court of the United States found no right to “homosexual sodomy”. I believe these photos were taken in 1987.


Congressman Barney Frank speaks to a fundraising event at the Stewart Mott House on Capitol Hill, as Nancy Roth, Executive Director of the Gay Rights National Lobby, looks on. GRNL merged with the Human Rights Campaign Fund in 1986.


Senator Alan Cranston, Congressman Henry Waxman and Barney Frank wait their turn at the microphone at the same event. I included this picture to remind us that California has always been in the forefront of the movement for full equality.

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