On Scene with Bill Wilson at BBB 40th


Willie L. Brown, Dede Wilsey, King Louie, Attorney General Kmala Harris, Jo Schuman Silver, Michael Tilson-Thomas, Clive Davis, Mayor and Mrs. Ed Lee

It started with a plaintive call from Steve Silver to Charlotte Shultz, “How do I get press and people to come the two week run of my new production? “Well, we could have a party,” replied Charlotte. And forty years later they are still partying and celebrating all that makes San Francisco – well, San Francisco.  Beach Blanket Babylon took over City Hall on the fortieth anniversary of the opening night that began the longest running musical revue in history.


Michael Tilson-Thomas, Charlotte Shultz, Dede Wilsey, George Shultz, and Clive Davis on the Rotunda steps after the City Hall Salute to Beach Blanket Babylon.

Reprising cameo appearances from its forty year history, the stage was graced by San Francisco luminaries from the political and social worlds like Willie Brown, Dede Wilsey, Charlotte and George Shultz. Backed by the San Francisco Gay men’s Chorus the incomparable Beach Blanket Babylon performers took the audience on a grand tour of the highlights of 40 years that included stops in London and Las Vegas. Snow White flying around the rotunda was an unforgettable moment only superseded by the finale with Michael Tilson Thomas conducting the SFGMC, performers and audience in a rousing rendition of  “San Francisco” as the San Francisco Skyline hat was updated with 40 years in flashing lights.

Photo090315resized Gina Moscone and her son, Jonathan were among the audience for the City Hall celebration of forty years of Beach Blanket Babylon


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