On Scene with Bill Wilson: Goat Edition

Buffalo jumps for joy at being on top of the hay bales.

City Grazing has got your goat. No kidding (although 28 mothers have recently given birth to 50 baby goats), the herd located at 101 Cargo Way has the solution to your backyard jungle that will become a fire hazard if left unattended – goats. You may have seen them eating poison oak near the Presidio Gates or eliminating invasive blackberry bushes in Bernal Heights. They have trimmed the weeds at the reservoir near Miraloma Park neighborhood or perhaps you have a neighbor who has used the service of hungry goats to control weeds in their yard.

Playing chicken with the real thing.

City Grazing recently held an open house at their home in the southeast sector of the city to show the newest members of their herd and raise awareness of this ecological approach to fire prevention. Whether it is a small group of 3 to 5 goats to help manage a backyard in the city or larger groups for bigger areas, City Grazing has the animals that can fulfill your needs. The recent record drought will only expand the need for their services.

Sharing with kids.

The overall impression I came away with having spent several hours at the open house was that the staff and volunteers really views these animals as almost human. They don’t treat them as goats they treat them as individuals with personality and quirks of their own. I witnessed the fact that the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t fore it to drink” does not apply to goats. Put them on a leash and they want to go any which way but forward.

It was his large ears that earned this kid the name Spock.

You can get your goat(s) at City Grazing by going to their website www.citygrazing.com

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