Bill Nye to Debate Creationist in February

(Daily Kos)

We’re going to be in for a treat next month–a creation vs. evolution debate between Bill Nye and Answers in Genesis co-founder and CEO Ken Ham. It’s set for February 4 at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky (south of Cincy).

Nye has been critical of creationists for their opposition to evolution and their assertions that the Old Testament provides a literal account of the earth’s beginnings. In an online video that has drawn nearly 6 million views, Nye said teaching creationism was bad for children.

The video prompted a response video from the Creation Museum, and Ham later challenged him to a debate.

In a blog post announcing the debate, Ham says that he and Nye will debate the topic, “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” Ham sees this as a way to highlight why so many young people are being swayed away from creation. That’s easy to answer, Ken. When people are actually trained to think, they’re open to consider possibilities other than an Earth that was only a few thousand years old and was created in six literal 24-hour days.
For those who don’t remember, almost two years ago Nye dropped a bombshell with a YouTube video that declared in no uncertain terms that denying evolution is harmful to kids. Answers in Genesis responded with two videos of their own–one starring Ham himself and another starring two of his colleagues, Georgia Purdom and David Menton. Their argument, if I’m parsing it right, is that evolution is illegitimate because the Bible is the only reliable account of how we got here. If Ham peddles that, Nye should mop the floor with him.

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