Guess Who’s Furious Over Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade’s ‘Kinky Boots’ Performance?



Conservatives just couldn’t enjoy our national day of thanks without going berserk over some event that doesn’t fit their tightly-wound vision of what America is “supposed” to be. At yesterday’s 87th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the cast of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “Kinky Boots” performed, ruining the entire day for the nation’s right wing nuts.

Despite being created by Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein, despite winning six Tony Awards, conservatives screamed about “family values!” and “the children!,” whose lives, apparently now will be devastated.

WorldNetDaily, that bastion of birtherism that thinks Obama is gay, wrote that “Kinky Boots” “left a lot of viewers scratching their heads, shaking their heads, and wondering what happened to the family friendly tradition.”

One commenter there complained, “Just when I thought NYC and NBC couldn’t get any lower. Next year they will have LGBT Poll dancers. This is despicable and disgusting beyond belief. NBC, you should be ashamed. But when you have people like Ed Shultz and Andrea Mitchell you have no shame.”

Another, “Our country is morally bankrupt! To allow such a mockery of everything sacred is despicable! If Macy’s allowed this, there should not be one person show up for the parade next year. Those are sick people who need help… not to be paraded in front of children and the whole world. It’s an embarrassment for America of which I am very ashamed.”

And, “They’re going to push until their “lifestyle” is made illegal. Think it won’t happen. When you make up only 3% at best the population, you don’t go dancing through the minefield. Remember action and reaction. Parents are not amused and you can thank your media friends for helping you “mentally disturbed” to P em off.”

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