Christian Hawaii Lawmaker To Anti-Gay Opponents: ‘What Do You Expect Our Gay Brothers To Do?’

A self-professed conservative Christian Hawaiian lawmaker last night took great pains to explain his vote on the same-sex marriage bill before the House. Lawmakers were ending a marathon round of five days, 57 hours, and thousands of people testifying. Lawmakers, members of the House Judiciary and Finance committees, having been attacked in person and online by mobs of Christian extremists, were allowed to share their reasons for voting yea or nay.

“So Christians, I ask you,” Kaniela Ing, a freshman state Representative last night said, “what do you expect our gay brothers and lesbian sisters to do?”

“Be alone their entire lives? Have secretive lifestyles? Relationships? And not be in the type of committed monogamous relationships that this bill pertains to? How is that conducive to a moral and fair society? They are the way they are. Shouldn’t we allow them to love whom they love?

“The concept of traditional marriage as defined by church and state has evolved over time. From biblical-supported polygamy to property and political transactions to the concept of encouraging procreation and familial affection that many of you are fighting to protect today.”

“Clearly, marriage is no longer about procreation, or else it would have been reflected in the law. And we would not allow infertile different sex couples to marry. but we do. No, marriage is about family. The glue of our society’s moral fabric.”

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