Experts demand official UK gay stats are pulled as they may be dangerous

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The UK Government’s Office for National Statistics seriously underestimated the country’s LGBT population and figures may harm health drives

The UK Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) was so wrong in estimating only 1.5% of the country is lesbian, gay or bisexual it should withdraw its figures.

That’s according to Out Now Consulting, a global marketing agency internationally recognized as experts in LGBT statistics.

In a letter to the ONS today (7 October), Out Now says the figures are so misleading they may harm gay causes and should be pulled immediately.

Out Now points out how poor research methods by the ONS meant they were bound to get the answer wrong. In addition, many people refused to answer.

But Out Now responds: ‘This claim is not only inaccurate as a true measure of the prevalence of homosexuality and bisexuality in the United Kingdom, it is dangerous as it is prone to misreporting and may lead to funding problems for organizations focused on the health of LGB people.

‘The research methodology you have employed is not suitable for the purpose of obtaining an accurate measure of homosexuality and bisexuality in the UK.’

Out Now founder and Ian Johnson today wrote to the ONS saying: ‘The data you are responsible for publishing is not fit for purpose and risks being used by those who may not “like” gay, lesbian or bisexual people to undermine their rights.

‘It may be used similarly to seek to reduce funding for government and NGO initiatives focused on LGB people in the UK.’

The UK Government has previously estimated the gay and bisexual population at about 6%.

Even gay dating sites in the country can disprove the ONS figures. The number of gay Britains they have registered alone exceed the official numbers generated by the official survey.

Meanwhile a fun straw poll of over 2,000 Gay Star News readers over the last few days asked what proportion of the world you thought was LGBT.

While not a scientific survey, here are the responses:

Less than 1% are lesbian, gay, bi or trans: 2% of respondents
1% to 5%: 15%
6% to 9%: 23%
10% to 15%: 28%
16% or more: 27%
Don’t know: 6%
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