On Scene with Bill Wilson: Cayuga Playground Opening

Eric Powell’s Cayuga Portal opening to the Cayuga Playground.


To walk through the recently reopened Cayuga Playground and view the sculptures by Demetrio (Demie)  Braceros is to experience art at its most powerful and accessible. In my life I have experienced that “ah” moment of reacting to art that takes the breath away several times. The one most memorable was my first view of Michelangelo’s DAVID. I literally had to stop and catch by breath as I turned and saw the larger than life sculpture before my eyes. That Michelangelo was able to take a block of marble and create such a moving piece left me in awe.



Natural wood and fallen logs become works of art at the hand of Demetrio Braceros.


I felt some of that same awe while walking around the Cayuga Playground looking at the sculptures by Demie. Some are very visible and others you miss if you don’t look close enough. They emerge from fallen logs or stand tall and proud on their pedestals. Yes, I dare to compare Michelangelo and Demie, because I believe it is the same vision. What some may see as a rock or a log, the artist sees a vision and brings that vision to life. I believe that both artists have succeeded because their work moved me.


Demie sits in his sculpted seat.


After having spent about 30 minutes just walking around and seeing the sculpture I realized that the opening ceremony was scheduled to begin in about ten minutes so I needed to head back toward the clubhouse. As I started down the walk who should I run into but the artist himself, Demetrio Braceros. So I followed him as he went around to look at his sculptures and to greet friends.  His joy was contagious and it was clear that he did his work with love.  



Demie and his self portrait as a Giant player.


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