Maryland Congressman Aims To See ‘Political’ Churches Pay Taxes – Good God, We Love This Man

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Talk about a holy war – the gates of heaven and hell are about to break open, and for good reason. Many churches and organizations under the guise of The Lord, are playing dirty, dirty with politics, and much of the public is fed up. It wouldn’t surprise any of us if some of the churches were being ‘bought.’ That is their business. The taxes they should be paying to engage in politics, is our business. According to the newsgroup, theNew Civil Rights Movement, after the Tea Party cried and accused the IRS of targeting them, Rep Chris van Hollen (D-Maryland) filed a lawsuit for the federal courts to clarify the IRS obligation under that law.

Jean Ann Esselink writes:What is the meaning of “exclusively”?

If the Court decides the agency was wrong when they changed “exclusively” to “primarily”, a whole lot of churches are going to have to get their noses out of politics, or start paying taxes. The Mormons, the Catholics and the Baptists alone would be on the hook for a tidy sum. Perhaps we could use the unexpected windfall to restore the Head Start cuts or to replace the food assistance funding in the Farm Bill the Republicans refused to pass. How is that for irony?

This made my day, my week – possibly my month. For much too long churches have engaged in corrupt manipulation, as they promote political propaganda to their parishioners, in the name of God. Come election time, it’s downright blatant as videos are distributed to church members to remind them of the evil-doing Democrats and Liberals, and the saintly pseudo ‘Christian’ Conservatives. I aspire to Christian liberal beliefs with a dash of Buddhism – meaning I strive to live Christ-like (and I often fail miserably). It has driven me crazy to see the blasphemous political shenanigans that take place in the churches around this country. These activities have driven me, and many others, from the church to find other ways to practice our faith. I say this because we are out there  - groups like the Christian Left, and we are as stunned as anyone by the religious extremists who call themselves Christians and try to force feed their hateful BS to churches or anyone buying (or receiving). Some, not all, churches are tax-havens for rampant government speech. Why not just turn on a recording of Rush Limbaugh during the service. At least he proudly spews his sermon of  lies, misogyny, racism, and lgbt-hating bigotry, for all to hear. He doesn’t hide behind the word of GOD. Rather, he hides behind the word of GOP.

The bottom line – If churches want to jump into the arena and play politics, time to pay taxes like the rest of us.  Kudos to Chris Van Hollen. You have much support. Let us help you get this done. You can visit Van Hollen’s Facebook page.

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