LGBT Center Hosts Marriage Panel Discussion

 Marriage, Money and Legal Issues on the Agenda

You did it! You popped the question. What comes next? For thousands of LGBT couples, along with discussing flower arrangements and what to wear, come the lesser-known conversations regarding financial planning and legal logistics.

For decades, LGBT couples have created contracts, domestic partnerships and verbal agreements that may be affected by new state laws recognizing same sex marriage. What do you do?  Join three professionals who will lead a community forum to talk about what your financial, economic and legal responsibilities are before you make that trip to City Hall.

The Panel includes:

– Dennis Nix, a 
Certified Financial Planner™ for the LGBT community for over 10 years will offer insights into how marriage will effect personal incomes, debts, and credit scores

– Angela Warren, an immigration attorney who has spent over a decade keeping bi-national couples together can discuss the process to get bi-national couples on a path to legal status.

– Michael Blacksburg will discuss what estate planning looks like for LGBT couples, whether they are legally married (in California or another jurisdiction), California state Registered Domestic Partners, or committed life partners without legal designation.

Things that the panel will address  –

  • Is a new spouse responsible for debt that built before the marriage?
  • Legalizing immigration status after years of non-legal residence
  • Does marriage effect programs such as ADAP or Medicare?
  • If there are children involved from a pre-marriage relationship, what are the responsibilities of the new spouse?
  • Can you amend an old tax return that may result in a refund?
  • What if a partner is in a profession has potential for lawsuits?
  • What does checking “spouse” designations for pensions, life insurance and social security?
  • How the recent US Supreme Court rulings affect your current estate plans.


WHO:              Legal, Financial,  and Economic Experts

WHAT:            Panel discussion on Practicality of Equal Marriage

WHEN:            September 11, 6:30 pm

WHERE:          LGBT Center, 1800 Market St.  San Francisco, CA

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