Drunken Republican Says It Was Gay Marriage That Made Him Operate Vehicles Under The Influence


There is no shortage of indiscretions when it comes to politicians these days, and here is yet another. However, this one didn’t seem to learn his lesson the first time, which makes things even worse… for him, at least.

Meet Rep. Don Dwyer (R-MD). He pleaded guilty just a little while ago to operating a boat while drunk. The crash that resulted from that debacle resulted in injuries for seven people, including a five-year-old-girl. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the boat was named “The Legislator,” showing that Dwyer is, if nothing else, obnoxiously arrogant.

Now, he is making headlines again, only this time it was a car he was operating while intoxicated, not a boat. The car’s tags and registration were also expired, The Huffington Post reports. Luckily, this time, no one was hurt. Dwyer was stopped on Route 100 at about 12:45 AM this morning, due to erratic driving. According to the police report, he appeared glassy-eyed, with slurred speech. He also reportedly failed three field sobriety tests.  The hearing for the boating incident is scheduled for October 25 of this year.

The real doozy comes when we examine the supposed reasoning or the drunken boating. Dwyer was interviewed by the Capital Gazettein which he attributed his behavior on the boat to his own marriage falling apart, and to his feeling “betrayed” by fellow lawmakers who backed marriage equality legislation in Maryland. Dwyer said to the Gazette:

“I felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my family. You take those personal issues [and] add betrayal on the professional side, and it really gets to be overwhelming.”

Now, I am reasonably sure that Rep. Dwyer’s drinking likely has something to do with his marital troubles. I mean, I know that now that so many states have marriage equality, all of those straight marriages are just crumbling left and right, but come on. You can’t blame us for every troubled marriage. Oh, and as for those other lawmakers? Nothing personal, sir, they are just doing what they believe to be right.

Dwyer’s recent drunk driving incident includes some 15 charges, including but not limited to  driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless and negligent driving, displaying expired and suspended registration, and driving 70 mph in a 55-mph zone.

Something tells me it is about time for you to step down, Mr. Dwyer. I think you have too many personal problems to be an effective legislator. Oh, and while you’re at it, stop driving and hit up an AA meeting or two in all that spare time you’ll have on your hands.


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