On Scene with Bill Wilson

A rainbow flag  seems to fly on the same pole as the Russian flag atop the Russian Consulate on August 3, 2013


In Russia the legislature passed a bill which was signed by President Putin and is now law of the land that prohibits the spreading of information which aims to: (1) create non-traditional sexual attitudes among children, (2) make non-traditional sexual relations seem attractive, (3) give a distorted perception about the social equality between traditional and non-traditional sexual relations or (4) enforce information about non-tradition sexual relations that evokes interest in such relations.


Will the last drop provide the ripple that topples the Russian law?


In other words, Putin has come after me – an openly gay man. The Russian people, desperate for relief from economic woes, have given their approval and bands of paramilitary groups feel  empowered to cleanse their country of glbt people. We know where this is headed and the results. Does history have to repeat itself?



August 6, 2013 San Francisco City Hall.


The time to speak out is now.

I am only one person

but I have friends,

who have friends,

who have friends,

who have Facebook.


My actions



that result

 in actions

 that make




Boycott vodka

Sign petitions

Write letters

Express yourself


Putin has come for me.

When will you speak out?


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