On Scene with Bill Wilson at Dore Alley Fair

Demetri Moshoyannis, Executive Director of Folsom Street Events

The annual Up Your Alley Street Fair took place last Sunday. A warm up to the more massive Folsom Street Fair in September, this year’s edition wasn’t the coldest or hottest on record although plenty of hot people added to the atmosphere. No matter what your “type” there was someone to satisfy your longings or pique your curiosity.



 Learning the ropes at Dore and Folsom

No pain, no gain as they say at the gym.

Even though most of the day the sun hid behind the overcast sky, sunscreen was still a necessary protection against ultraviolet rays. I came home with a little redness that benefitted from some moisturizer on my arms and forehead. I’m now a redhead but that doesn’t refer to my hair color!


Medical volunteer helps apply sunscreen.

Up Your Alley is the fair to go to if you want to avoid the massive crowds of Folsom. It doesn’t attract the international or suburban crowd of the September event, but it does provide an enjoyable afternoon.


Dore and Folsom is meeting spot for the Leather communities.

I love the fact that at Folsom Street events even the whips come in colors of the rainbow.


Close-up of a vendor’s display of leather whips.

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