On Scene With Bill Wilson at the Genealogy Show

Genealogy Roadshow made a stop in San Francisco’s Old Mint

Am I related to ..?  Did my relatives fight in..? Those are the kind of questions answered on Genealogy Roadshow and unlike the Antique counter part the answer to the question “What is it worth?” is always the same – priceless.  On Sunday. July 21, 2013 Genealogy Roadshow came to the Old Mint in San Francisco to film the stories that will be on the San Francisco episode. The entire series premieres on KQED on Monday September 23.  Six people where chosen from the questions submitted online and given the “reveal” – the answer to their question. Of course telling the answers would spoil the show but the process of producing an hour long segment was fun to watch.

A room at the Old Mint becomes a set for the Genealogy Roadshow

Unlike a scripted show that starts at point A proceeds through point B and ends at point C, the producer of Genealogy Roadshow,  Stuart Krasnow explained that what they were taping was like starting at the end -  the reveal –and then going back and piecing together the story. So while they have everything they need on film, how the final product looks will be determined in the editing room. What they chose to include will be based on what happened during the taping. Did the person react to the news in the way expected? Where they excited by what the genealogists found interesting or did they get excited about another piece to their story the genealogist found. Given what I saw and felt during the filming it will be a difficult decision to make about what to include because each story had emotional moments and highlights I thought worthy of inclusion.

Kenyatta Berry (left) during the taping of a segment for the Genealogy Roadshow.

The two genealogist who do the on-air presentations (and the off-air research) are Joshua Taylor and Kenyatta Berry. They are both young, enthusiastic persons who have made genealogy their passion as well as their profession.  Kenyatta Berry has developed a website for ethnic genealogy (www.discovergenealogy.com) and Joshua Taylor can be found at www.djoshuataylor.com .

Kenyatta Berry (left) and Joshua Taylor (right) during their stop in San Francisco.

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