Two Productions from Bay Area Playwrights Festival Receive Productions Nationally and in the UK

Playwrights Foundation is happy to announce that two productions that were part of the Foundation’s Bay Area Playwrights Festival (BAPF) 2012 have received awards and multiple productions in the 2013-14 season. Christopher Chen received the Glickman Award for the The Hundred Flowers Project, a co-production of Crowded Fire Theater and the Playwrights Foundation. The Hundred Flowers Project will be mounted by Chicago‘s Silk Road Rising in the 2013-14 season.  George Brant’s Grounded will receive three productions through the The NATIONAL NEW PLAY NETWORK (NNPN) Continued Life of New Plays Fund in the 2013/14 season, as well as productions in 5 other cities including two in the UK.* see list below

The process of the Bay Area Playwrights Festival gives writers a multi-faceted approach over three weeks – starting with an artists retreat without actors, followed by rehearsals, and two public readings separated by another week of rehearsals. This naturally leads to the exploration of new ideas — playwrights are at the center of the process

“The BAPF experience was truly magical and gave the script the final push it needed…this script has had many angels along the way, and you were certainly one of them.” playwright George Brant  (Grounded)

“What we do for the development of new plays during the Bay Area Playwrights Festival has proven over and over to be of tremendous value. George Brant is a hugely talented writer. And he still needed a lot of time to hone down on his script by hearing it in rehearsal — without the added focus on all the production elements. It’s amazing to watch a really exceptional actor, and playwright interacting in the room. And, then to note that the work, the audience interaction, the nights talking through each line was all worth it.” Amy Muller artistic director Playwrights Foundation.


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