Summer Special at Squat and Gobble: Dinner for Four for under $40

Squat and Gobble is known for great deals on breakfast and brunch.  With a new dinner special recently announced, Squat and Gobble is becoming a perfect economic option for dinner, as well.

To introduce customers to some new dinner menu items this summer, Squat and Gobble is offering a deal to groups of four after 5 pm– 4 entrees for $37.95.  This includes any of the dinner items on the menu at its four San Francisco locations.

New menu offerings include a wide array of wok items, such as Blazing Beef, Prawns with Giant Shanghai Noodles, and Thai Chicken Curry.  These have been added to other dinner favorites like Angus Beef Rigatoni and Sausage Trottole.

“We are known for great neighborhood food at family-friendly prices,” according to managing partner Issa Sweidan.  “We want to let our customers know that there still are places in the city where you can get a delicious meal with hearty portions without breaking the bank.”

The dinner special is also available for parties of three ($28.95) and two (19.95).

The four Squat and Gobble locations include:  Haight, Lower Haight, Castro and Chestnut Street.


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