On Scene with Bill Wilson: Not So Straight From My Archives — Daniel Ellsberg

This edition of  “Not So Straight From My Archives” was inspired by the news that Daniel Ellsberg had participated in a protest over SF Pride’s over the on and off again naming of Bradley Manning as a Grand Marshal for this year’s GLBT Pride Parade. At the rally he announced his intention to march in this year’s parade as part of the Bradley Manning contingent.


Daniel Ellsberg addresses an anti –war rally on the steps of the United States Capitol in 1972.

Daniel Ellsberg was the person who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times and then the Washington Post in 1971. Both newspapers published excerpts from the study despite government objections on national security grounds. This photo represents one of the earliest attempts by me to document the history that was happening around me when I went to work on Capitol Hill in the 70’s.

Daniel Ellsberg speaks in front of San Francisco’s City Hall at an anti-war rally in 2007.

While there is much difference between the Ellsberg case and the Manning case, some of the issues remain the same. How truthful is our government being with its people? How much of classified information is really classified to save government officials embarrassment and is not about saving lives?


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