Bay Area Flamenco Presents Flamenco from Sevilla to Jerez Direct from Spain! Sunday, April 21st at La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley

Bay Area Flamenco presents Javier Heredia and Kina Mendez, world-class flamenco artists from Spain at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley on Sunday, April 21st at 7:30pm

Visiting artist JAVIER HEREDIA is part dancer, part singer, part storyteller – all artist, integrated and inseperable. Javier brings authentic flamenco to audiences around the world, performing with spontaneity and charisma, communicating with his art wherever he finds himself, whether it be on the street, in the kitchen, at a local bar, in a club or on stage at a major international festival.

Tickets may be purchased at Prices for general seating are $25 and for premium seating, $40.

“In recent years, the San Francisco Bay Area has become a major U.S. conduit for Spain’s greatest flamenco artists. [...] There’s really a vibrant scene here.”
-NPR The California Report

Artist Bios


Visiting guest artist from Seville, Spain. A festero in the tradition of Miguel Funi, Anzonini and Paco Valdepeñas.  Part dancer, part singer, part storyteller – all artist, integrated and inseparable – Javier performs with spontaneity and charisma, communicating with his art wherever he finds himself, whether it be on the street, in the kitchen, at a local bar or on stage. As a young man, Javier worked for a few years on the docks in Sevilla until elders of the Gypsy flamenco community discovered his ”arte” and encouraged him to become a professional. He has since appeared several times in Seville’s prestigious Flamenco Biennial in support of artist such as Jose Merce, Arcángel, Manuel Molina, Juana la del Pipa among others. He has toured all over Europe with the legendary dancer Manuela Carrasco and has appeared as a soloist in important flamenco events internationally such as the Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival in the south of France. This will be Javier’s 4th time in the Bay Area. He will also be teaching a 3-day workshop Soquel at Flamenco Romantico Studios: workshop info


Kina Mendez

was born into the Mendez clan of Gypsy artists of Jerez de la Frontera. Steeped in the flamenco tradition, she began singing under the influence of her aunt, legendary singer La Paquera de Jerez. Her professional career began when she joined Manuel Morao’s company and led her to work with Mario Maya and tour internationally with Salvador Tavora’s productions Carmen and Carmina Burana. Her explosive, expressive presence on stage and her dynamic vocal range has made her a sought after performer in both Spain and the U.S.  Performing in festivals such as “La Fiesta de la Buleria” and “La Fiesta de la Vendimia” in Jerez de la Frontera, she has shared the stage with many renown flamenco artists including Manuel Agujetas, El Grilo and La Macanita. Her debut recording “De Sevilla a Jerez” was released in 2009 and she was a featured soloist with her own night at the prestigious XIV Festival de Jerez in 2010 in “Los Conciertos de Palacio”.  Since relocating to the US in 2010, Kina has been a featured guest artist with companies such as La Tania Baile Flamenco, Theatre Flamenco, Caminos Flamencos, Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company and Zahara. She was a guest artist on Diego del Morao’s 2011 concert at the 6th Annual Bay Area Flamenco Festival/Festival Flamenco Gitano and she appeared in Bay Area Flamenco’s presentation of Concha Vargas and Juan del Gastor in 2012. Later that year she toured with Festival Flamenco Gitano USA 2012, performing in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City as part of the 12-member cast of “Fiesta Jerez” featuring Juana la del Pipa and Diego del Morao.



Founded in 2004, Bay Area Flamenco has presented some of the most important figures in the history of flamenco as well as prodigies from today’s generation of artists.

“These artists are bringing the Gitano essence of flamenco into the 21st century,” explains artistic director Nina Menendez. “They have an ease for improvisation that comes from living the art as part of everyday life. No choreography is required, only an intimate connection among the dancers and musicians who interact freely on the basis of a shared legacy and an insatiable hunger to find the spark of duende that transforms the mundane into the sublime.”



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