On Scene with Bill Wilson: Supreme Court

I wanted to get to the Supreme Court early so as not to miss a thing. My husband wanted to get there within a more reasonable time so as not to freeze while waiting. However when the local morning news interviewed a person in line at the Supreme Court, I recognized some of the people in line and decided I would leave as soon as possible. A short subway ride later and a quick walk from Union Station to the Supreme Court via streets I had walked many times as a Senate staffer, I arrived at the Supreme Court just as they decided to move the line of lawyers from the Supreme Court Bar to the side door they would be going through. This was the start of what I considered good luck for the day because it meant the line stretched out and I discovered there were many lawyers I knew from the GLBT legal organizations such as Lambda Legal, Freedom to Marry, GLAD, NCLR and AFER. I was glad that I had gotten there in time before they went inside where I would not be allowed to follow.


Evan Wolfson, Freeom to Marry, Mary Bonauto, GLAD, and Terri Stewart, Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco.


The rally sponsored by United for Marriage had an array of speakers that came from various aspects of the coalition backing marriage equality and the need for the repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). A military veteran, Lt. Colonel Linda Campbell, whose wife was allowed to be buried in a national cemetery only after receiving special permission  from the Veterans Affairs Secretary because DOMA prevents the Veterans Department from changing their policy to allow same sex couples to be buried together. 


Lt. Colonel Linda Campbell whose wife died in December and is buried in a national cemetery.


I was glad to have the opportunity to hear Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo speak during the rally. He is outspoken in support for gay marriage and his enthusiasm is infectious. Making reference to his mixed race heritage, he said that he “was a testament to progress because in the end, love is always going to win.”



Brendon Ayanbadejo member of the world champion Baltimore Ravens.


Since Prop 8 was the subject of the oral argument on March 26, San Francisco was well represented. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom was among the elected officials who attended.


California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom on his way to the Supreme Court.

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