San Francisco Filmmaker Teams Up With Local Band For A Live Show At The Historic Castro Theater

Local Filmmaker and Band Announce March 2nd show of Film Shot and Produced in Germany and USA

Following the award winning Sonnet Series: Suite 1, Lucky Dragon Productions brings three new short film adaptations of Shakespeare’s Sonnets 29, 36 and 113 to the screen, and will be shown at the Scary Cow Productions’ 19th Indie Film Co-Op Festival on Saturday, March 2nd at 5:30pm at the historic Castro Theatre (429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114). The score to all three sonnets will be performed live by local band LordRifa, under the leadership of music composer The Reverend LordRifa.

Sonnet Series: Suite 2 adapts three of Shakespeare’s timeless sonnets for a modern film audience.

Sonnet Series: Suite 2 opens with Sonnet 113, which explores feelings of lost love using a real young couple: Hamburg based actors Jonas Vietzke & Lena Kußman. Shot on location in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, the sonnet is performed in German using a classic (Schlegel-Tieck & Max J. Wolff) translation of Shakespeare’s original text. Continuing with the theme of lost love, Sonnet 36, which was shot in Yuba City, CA, offers a glimpse into the complicated desires of a housewife and her maid in a segregated Louisiana in the late 1950s. Rounding out Suite 2 is Sonnet 29: using a cast of deaf and hearing actors, this sonnet reveals the protective love between two friends as one saves the other from a heartbreaking fall. The film was performed entirely in American Sign Language and shot at deaf owned and operated restaurant Mozzeria, in the Mission, San Francisco, CA. The total running time is 16 minutes.

These Sonnets explore how the loss of love, painful and yet essential to our humanness, can lead to a better outlook, new experiences, and the possibility of more meaningful connections.

Writer/Director/Owner of Lucky Dragon Productions Rowan Brooks commented, “When I started to adapt these 400 year old love poems into short films for Suite 1, I was amazed at how much contemporary relevance I found. My goal in the series is to explore these timeless works in a new way and communicate their universal themes to a modern audience. I am excited that the score to these stories will be performed live at the Castro by local band Lordrifa.

Sonnet Series: Suite 2 will open the concluding phase of the 19th annual Scary Cow Productions Indie Co-Op Festival ( at the historic Castro Theatre on Saturday, March 2nd, at 5:30 PM. The festival features short films made by Bay Area filmmakers. Following the screening of Sonnet Series: Suite 2, the filmmakers will be available for a Q&A with audience members and will attend an after party at The Castro Theatre where they will be available for further questions and discussion.
For more information on the Scary Cow Indie Co-Op Festival, and to purchase tickets to see Sonnet Series: Suite 2, please visit: For the full festival schedule at the Castro Theatre, please visit

Producer/Director Rowan Brooks continues to dedicate the Sonnet Series to his late wife local actress Summer Serafin who died in 2011.

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