John York, Jed York, Mike Nolan and Their Ship of Fools Sinks to Bottom of NFL

Even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
can’t stop the York family from destroying
the San Francisco 49ers

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In yet another embarrassing loss for the York family and Dr. John York’s hand-picked coach Mike Nolan, the 49ers fumbled their way to a 29 to 17 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday.

It’s tough to be a 49ers fan. The only solace is that you know it’s far tougher to be a 49ers player. You have to feel sorry for the individual and collective talent that the team possesses.



There are a lot of promising players who—were they at most any other NFL team—would probably be enjoying a fantastic season. But these poor souls have been drafted by the 49ers. A team presided over and brought to you by the Beverly (Youngstown, Ohio) Hillbillies: John York, Jed York, “Elly Mae” Denise DeBartolo and “Jethro Bodine” Paraag Marathe. They have put all their money in the bank of Milburn Drysdale (Mike Nolan) and, well, you’ve been following Wall Street so you know the banks are bankrupt.

Denise DeBartolo York hides out in Youngstown
as husband John York and son Jed York destroy 49ers

freefall-3.jpg freefall-4.jpg
Paraag Marathe, left, and Jed York, counts beans
for 49ers as team runs out of gas

Mike “it’s not my fault” Nolan-49ers-fallout-accidental-love-child-not-mike-nolans-fault-satire was the hand-picked choice of Dr. John York. York inherited Steve Mariucci from his successful brother-in-law Eddie DeBartolo and disclaimed the second coach–Dennis Erickson–on his watch as having been picked by Terry Donohue. But John York publically claimed Mike Nolan was his personal pick (with Paraag Marathe claiming behind the scenes that he was the guy who made the decision to hire Nolan.

Well, let’s give credit for the selection of Mike Nolan as 49ers coach to both Dr. John York and Paraag Marathe, since they both claimed credit. However, they don’t seem to be crowing about their genius pick now. In fact, they aren’t bragging anymore, but now are trying to find a way to replace Nolan, if sources are correct. Perhaps local fans are in for a replay of the Al Davis firing of Lane Kiffin or perhaps an ugly replay of John York’s slow motion-style firing of Steve Mariucci. (“Honey, start cooking the Steamship Round of Beef now, John York is pondering making a decision and it may take a while…).

The front office of the 49ers has been in constant turmoil since York took over stewardship of the team and his wife Denise DeBartolo York has hidden in the corporate offices back in Youngstown. In the past two/three years, Jed York has added his wisdom to the front office and, like his father, done a first rate job of driving the team further into oblivion. (You have to wonder what Jed’s siblings, Tony, Mara and Jena think of his stewardship of the family fortune. They must call Jed weekly and ask “Is there any money left for me?”).

Other than the financial and reputational losses suffered by Jed’s brother and sisters, the real losers in this equation are the talented players on the team and their loving and faithful fans. If the empty seats at Candlestick Park are any indication, most fans can’t stand to be physically in Candlestick to personally see the destruction of their beloved team. The “49er faithful” have become the disenchanted and the jaded—with good reason. It’s simply too hard to watch the York family beat a dead horse every Sunday by their mismanagement of this once-great National Football League franchise.

When will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell step in and take the reins of this struggling franchise and find a buyer for the 49ers that loves the game, wants to spend money to win, and can bring back the glory that once was the 49ers? Until the Yorks sell the team, there is no reason to support the reign of the Beverly (Youngstown) Hillbillies. From resurrecting the team to building a stadium, there isn’t anything that the Yorks have done right. Their Ship of Fools continues to sail toward Davy Jones’ NFL locker. Where is Jack Sparrow to save the Black Pearl now?

Dr. John York captains the 49ers Shipwreck

It’s the right time for someone to resurrect DumpYork.Com.


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