The Marsh Second Annual Holiday Performance Bash

San Francisco!  Brian Copeland in The Jewelry Box…a GENUINE Christmas Story

Berkeley!  Big Bubbly Holiday Spectacle with Louis Pearl, The Amazing Bubble Man and Wavy Gravy and his Guided Mistletoes
(Surprise Guests May Fall By!)

The Marsh is proud to present its holiday line-up for 2012. We’re sorry to announce it a bit late in the day but we think it’s well worth waiting for!!

First, in San Francisco, Brian Copeland has a special Christmas story to share with the whole family about setting off into the “mean” streets of Oakland to buy his mom a Christmas present. A funny, heartwarming holiday story.

Then, on the other side of the Bay, in Berkeley, Wavy Gravy also has a story to share although we’re not actually quite sure what it is—something about Claude Rains Deer, or should that be Clawed Reindeer, and a vague mention of Insanity Claus. No matter, whatever it turns out to be, it’s Wavy Gravy, so we know it will be amazing. Also in Berkeley, there will be a Big Bubbly Holiday Spectacle with Louis Pearl, The Amazing Bubble Man. Spellbinding bubble tricks will keep every child and adult mesmerized with square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble volcanoes, tornados and trampolines to people inside bubbles. And now, just for The Marsh, he adds a big bubbly splash of holiday effervescence to top off the show, conjuring shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all ages.

Finally, to cap it all off, there is our second annual Holiday Performance Bash in Berkeley —The Marsh Holiday Party—open to all—with a full bar, hot-mulled cider, cookies (plus, if all goes well, 144 mini kugels made by our artistic director, Stephanie Weisman) with holiday tales as told by a fantastic group of Marsh All Stars!

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