44th annual ICB Artist Association Open Studios in Sausalito

 The ICB Artists Association is a large, vibrant and diverse community of talented artists in Sausalito, California. Located in a historic WWII-era industrial building (ICB), the lofts are home to artists working in all media, including painting, sculpture, photography, digital media, jewelry, printmaking, fiber arts and much more.

Georgette Osserman, The Right Partner

Winter open studios falls on the first weekend of December each year.  This year is the 44th Winter Open Studios and eighty plus artists are riffing on the musical theme of 4/4 time.  A group show in Gallery 111 “Rhythm and Hues” will highlight the influence of music on art and incorporate materials from the world of music.  Live acoustic youth musical groups will fill the halls with art for the ears.

Karen Strange, Mozart Hat

Here are statements from some of the artists on how music influences their work:

“I can’t imagine painting without the influence of music… it’s the only conduit that takes me from my cerebral thinking to creative thinking. I have often worked on paintings with blind direction until I hear a simple poetic line that sparks an ‘Aha!’ moment. “Like Jewels Upon the Sea;” “Putting Flesh on the Bones of My Dreams;” “Like a Leaf: Your Sugar is All I Need;” “Teardrops Will Kiss the Mountain.” To get a really good energy going I listen to Prince: there’s syncopation, melody, daring, and deliverance—everything a good painting needs!” -Katy Kuhn – Studio 335

“Mozart (and other music of course) influences me so much in my work that I decided to get some old sheet music and print it on silk organza. The Mozart especially lifts my spirits and keeps the muse focused……I have created  hats with the Mozart music on them. Some of the sheet music is antique hand-written or ‘hand-penned’ music.”  Karen Strange – Studio 347

“I did not truly appreciate music until I started painting. There is a universal underlining structure to anything. I never thought I would be able to visualize music. I never thought I would be able to compose a painting.”  Ola Yunak – Studio 346

“I have never painted a stroke without turning the music on first. When I’m hitting the canvas hard, it’s all hip-hop, like Pitbull and Kayne West. I slow it down with Slaid Cleaves and other singer-songwriters, acoustic-style. With Nina Simone, it’s all slow, heavy strokes, sad and lazy.”  Anne-Marie de Rivera – Studio 301

For more information on the ICB member artists visit the artists section, <http://www.icbartists.com/artists.html>  or contact ICB Artists Association.

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