On Scene With Bill Wilson and President Obama

President Obama acknowledges the cheering crowd of supporters as he descends the stairs from Air Force One after it landed at SFO on Monday, October 8.


It was billed as the last campaign trip to California.  It remains to be seen whether it will be the last trip to California as President or just the last trip to California during his first term. It began Monday afternoon shortly before 2 pm and ended Tuesday morning at approximately 9:20 am.

President Obama spent a few minutes working the fence line at SFO greeting supporters. 

There were actually two parking shuttles full of well wishers on hand to greet him. The departure was closed to the public. The President left SFO on his way to campaign in Ohio. There are no greener pastures than California, but Ohio is considered a swing state still in play.

President Obama turns to wave to the media as he boards Air Force One on October 9,    

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