The FINAL Extension Of Don Reed’s THE KIPLING HOTEL True Misadventures of the Electric Pink ’80′s Through December 16, 2012

The Marsh Berkeley announces the FINAL EXTENSION of Don Reed’s acclaimed show, THE KIPLING HOTEL. The closing performance will be on Sunday, December 16, 2012. The piece chronicles the true story of Reed’s collegiate and Tinseltown misadventures in the electric-pink ’80′s. As the awkward son of a pimp struggling with college and a merciless Hollywood, Reed tried being a stripper and a gigolo, but ended up as a live-in waiter at an unforgettable retirement hotel—breakfast-sandwiched between the elderly, employee drifters and drug-addicted dreamers.

A San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Nominee and NAACP Double Nominee for Best Actor and Best Playwright, Reed is also the performer, director and playwright of one of the longest-running solo shows in Bay Area History—his highly regarded East 14th. He has performed, written and directed for film, television and theater and is currently the opening act/warm-up comedian for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Reed has been offered the arduous task of writing his trilogy of memoirs East 14th, The Kipling Hotel and ??? We hope this final, and as yet un-named, episode of his extraordinary adventures will appear on The Marsh stage before too long.

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