On Scene with Bill Wilson

Zach Walls

When Zach Wahls asked for a drink at a fundraiser Friday night at Donna Sachet’s Imperial Palace someone asked if he was legal. He said that his 21st birthday had been two months ago. Later in the evening during the speeches part of the event, that little piece of information lead Donna to declare, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could raise $21,000 tonight in honor of Zach’s recent birthday?” Evidently enough people agreed since the goal was met and surpassed.

State Senator Mark Leno, District Attorney Gascon, Donna Sachet and Zach Wahls. 

During his remarks he told the crowd that when he was asked by his “ex-girlfriend’s mother” who was the man in his parent’s relationship he replied, “When you go to a Chinese restaurant and they hand you a set of chopsticks do you ask which one is the fork? No, you just them.”

 Zach Wahls speaking to a San Francisco fundraiser

On being told he was brave and courageous, “I think the brave people where people like Harvey Milk who were out in a time when it could get you killed or electric shocked. They were the brave ones. They paved the road we are on we’re just painting the stripes.”

Kaushik Roy, Executive Director of the Shanti Project and Zach Wahls

On the demonizing of his family by  those who seek to limit who can get married, “There are those who believe gay love is different from straight love is different from interracial love, that love can somehow be broken down and rationalized and understood. Frankly I think it is the people who think love can be understood as the least capable of doing so.”

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