Oakland, CA – – A unique social introduction service begins this week to offer the 51 million singles over the age of 40 in the United States opportunities to give back to their communities while meeting one another in a natural, non-threatening environment.Matches that Matter introduces small, compatible groups of 6 men and 6 women with similar interests to work together on projects at local nonprofit organizations. The group meets together in a series of three meetings (called a Flight), the initial awkwardness goes away and relationships more easily bloom.

“Our three years of research that lead to the model for Matches that Matter showed us that the needs of the over-40 single are very different from younger singles,” according to Odette Pollar, company Founder. “Traditional ways this group met dating partners when they were in their 20s and 30s are less available today or carry a negative or superficial image, like bars or online profile sites.

Pollar worked diligently over a three-year period on an ongoing research project to reveal the needs of single people over 40 as they approach dating and finding a meaningful relationship. She ran dozens of gender split focus groups to discuss dating experiences, dating services, and expectations of the over-40 single person. Further interviews with therapists, sociologists, matchmakers and relationship coaches helped to refine the model for understanding how couples create and sustain healthy relationships. She came away from this research with a “rules of the road” for successful dating in the 21st century and founded Matches that Matter.

All Matches That Matter participants have been professionally interviewed and undergone a background check as part of the enrollment and membership process. Everyone in the group has the time, energy and desire to meet like-minded singles. Plus, the nonprofit partner benefits from over 100 hours of volunteer activity with each Flight group sent to work on a project.

For additional information, contact Matches that Matter, 510/496-0040 or 888/813-7779.

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