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Ten Percent — LGBT-TV for Northern California

Mondays Fridays, 11:30am & 10:30pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 10:30pm on Comcast Hometown Network Channel 104 in Northern California.

Episode # 134

Monday — Friday, April 9 – 13, 11:30am & 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, April 14 – 15, 10:30pm

David Perry chats with Crystal Jang, co-founder of  the nonprofit Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community, and speaks with Riley Krull, actress from 42nd Street Moons Sugar, the musical based on the film Some Like it Hot.

Episode # 135

Monday — Friday, April 16 – 20, 11:30am & 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, April 21 – 22, 10:30pm

David Perry interviews Rob Bailis, librettist for Love/Hate, the worlds first bi-sexual opera and chats with Jenny McAllister, director of the new dance/theatre piece, Bloomsbury/Its Not Real.

Episode # 136

Monday — Friday, April 23 – 27, 11:30am & 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, April 28 – 29, 10:30pm

David Perry talks with Zoe Dunning, a retired U.S Navy Commander about coming out as a lesbian before the end of Dont ask, Dont Tell and her pioneering challenge to the US military.

Episode # 137

Monday — Friday, April 30 May 4, 11:30 am & 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, May 5 – 6, 10:30pm

David Perry speaks with Dr Marcus Conant, pioneering doctor in the fight against AIDS/HIV and interviews Lisa Stahr, Executive Director ofScouts Fund a non-profit animal rehab therapy organization.

Episode # 138

Monday — Friday, May 7 – 11, 11:30am & 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, May 12 – 13, 10:30pm

David Perry chats with Elisa Huerta, a coordinator for the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project and interviews Camiel Becker, a lawyer who specializes in LGBT immigration issues.

Episode # 139

Monday — Friday, May 14 – 18, 11:30am & 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, May 19 – 20, 10:30pm

David Perry speaks with Jim Provenzano of The Bay Area Reporter and interviews Juan Torres, a board member from the Golden Gate Business Association.

Ten Percent is also available 24/7 through the On Demand Feature through your Comcast Cable Network. Choose Get Local andComcast Hometown to access Ten Percent. Past shows may also be viewed online at www.comcasthometown.com.

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About Ten Percent:

Comcast Hometown Network (CHN), Comcasts regional cable network covering Northern and Central California, continues its commitment to quality original programming with Ten Percent, a weekly interview series that focuses on lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LGBT) issues.  The half-hour show, created and hosted by long-time San Francisco media professional David Perry, airs on Channel 104, Mondays Thursdays at 11:30am &  8pm and is available to all Comcast digital cable customers throughout Northern and Central California.  Each episode will then be available online at www.comcasthometown.com as well as on Comcast’s popular ON DEMAND platform, which is free to Comcast digital customers.  To view Ten Percent ON DEMAND, Comcast Digital Cable customers can tune to Channel 1 on their Digital Cable lineup or press the ON DEMAND button on their remote control, then click on the Get Local section, then click on Comcast Hometown.

I jokingly call the show Charlie Rose for the LGBT world, said David Perry, Producer/Host of Ten Percent. We may be only ten percent of the general population, in round numbers, but our issues are one hundred percent front-and-center in todays world. Whether its the fight for marriage equality or debates about gay clergy or the right to serve openly in uniform, our issues are reflective of the world at large.

David has a well-known and unique voice that bridges many communities, said Jason Holmes, Executive Producer at Comcast Hometown Network. Davids talents and the launch of Ten Percent further enhance Comcasts commitment to our communities and Comcast Hometown Networks compelling, community-based regional programming,

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