Same Sex Dance Partners will come from all over the USA and internationally to compete in 2012 April Follies, on April 28 at Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland. Celebrating its 10th year, April Follies has become the largest and longest running same-sex DanceSport (dance) competition in North America.

All levels will compete during the day beginning at 10:00 am. Dance Styles include International Standard and International Latin, American Smooth and American Rhythm. Competition will also include favorites such as Argentine Tango, Salsa, Merengue, West Coast Swing and others. The day-long competition culminates with a dance lesson for attendees and new dancers, followed by the A-level finals and dance performances by top rated couplesin the evening. Following the performances and final competition, there will be an open social dance for all.

womenphotoTickets are $15 (daytime events only), $25 (evening event only), or $35 for the entire day. Reduced pricing is available if purchased early. For further information, please visit www.aprilfollies.com, or friend us on Facebook [April Follies 2012].

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