On Scene with Bill Wilson Above London Royal Views

By Bill Wilson
Sentinel Photojournalist
Bill Wilson © 2012

The first time we flew British Airways to Rome via London I wasn’t prepared for the fact that the flight path seemed to take us right over the Thames and London’s famous landmarks. This time I was prepared but the weather wasn’t as good.

Big Ben is in the center of this photo, Westminster Abbey on the left and the London Eye can be seen at the top right.

From the air you can see the stark contrasts between the old and new London. The sleek new buildings erected along side buildings that have stood for centuries.

Buckingham Palace is almost obscured by the buildings on one side but surrounded by beautiful parks and greens on the other sides.

Coming back from Rome to London on a smaller plane the flight path took us around London rather than down the Thames, but it did take us almost directly over Windsor Castle and the surrounding countryside.

This is only about half of Windsor Castle. The State Apartments are on the top side of this photo.


Key to plan (right)

  • A: The Round Tower
  • B: The Upper Ward, The Quadrangle (as this courtyard is known)
  • C: The State Apartments
  • D: Private Apartments, overlooking the East terrace
  • E: South Wing, overlooking The Long Walk
  • F: Lower Ward
  • G: St. George’s Chapel
  • H: Horseshoe Cloister
  • L: The Long Walk
  • K: King Henry VIII Gate (principal entrance)
  • M: Norman Gate
  • N: North Terrace
  • O: Edward IV Tower
  • T: The Curfew Tower

A better view of the East Terrace.
With any bit of luck this is Eton, Britain’s famous public (meaning private) school.

It is difficult to tell from the sky what the various towns and places are, but I think this is Eton because when I searched the internet for photos they looked very similar to me.

Sentinel Photojournalist
Bill Wilson is a San Francisco-based veteran photojournalist. Bill embraced photojournalism at the age of eight. In recent years, his photos capture historic record of the San Francisco LGBT community in the Bay Area Reporter (BAR), The New York TimesThe San Francisco ChronicleThe San Francisco ExaminerSFistSFAppeal. Bill has contributed to the Sentinel for the past seven years. Email Bill Wilson at wfwilson@sbcglobal.net.

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