Titled cougar lands herself right handsome dude

Love’s young dream: The Duchess of Alba, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 85, with her new husband
Alfonso Diez, 60, at their wedding in Seville

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The bride was an eccentric 85-year-old billionaire with more titles than Queen Elizabeth II. The groom was a mere civil servant young enough to be her son.

Despite the objections of her six children and plenty of public controversy, Spain’s colourful Duchess of Alba wed Alfonso Diez, 60, at her 15th century palace in Seville yesterday.

The famously flamboyant Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart wore a delicate pale pink gown designed by Victorio y Lucchino for her third marriage, which took place in front of 38 guests.

Well-wishers donned fancy dress and wigs in an attempt to copy her quirky style as they celebrated in the city’s streets.

Reveller Pedro Ramirez, 28, said: ‘The Duchess is extremely popular here.’

The twice-widowed Duchess’s children feared Diez was a gold-digger – so he has relinquished his rights to her £3billion fortune in an effort to appease them.

A crowd of several hundred clapped and roared its approval as the Duchess waved and danced on a red carpet following her wedding to Diez at Palacio de las Duenas, her opulent 15th-century residence in the cobble-stoned old quarter of Seville.

The duchess, who is a distant relative of Winston Churchill and Princess Diana, went ahead with the marriage despite her children’s qualms.

It emerged in August that she has divided her fortune between her six children to convince them that her suitor is besotted with her rather than her money.

And she certainly seemed like a young girl in love, celebrating after the ceremony by kicking off her shoes and dancing a bit of flamenco.

The Duchess and her husband Alfonso Diez walk inside Las Duenas Palace during their wedding in Seville

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