Cher eases delicate creature Chaz through knee pain of Dancing With The Stars

Knee bother: Delicate creature Chaz Bono has revealed his mama is giving
him access to her team of physical therapists to help him
get through Dancing With The Stars

By Mike Larkin
The Mail

There were doubts about how supportive Cher was being towards her transgender son Chaz Bono. But the Dancing With The Stars contestant has revealed he has been getting some special treatment from his mother to help him compete on the show.

The Moonstruck star has been sending her team of physical therapists to help him dance through the pain of his sore knees, which forced Lacey Schwimmer to change the choreography of their quickstep.

But it seems Chaz wishes he could turn back time to regain some of his youthful vigour, if his comments are anything to go by

He said: ‘Yeah, she’s been helping out and has been sending some of the people who work on her when she’s dancing and doing her shows.

‘Things get blown out of proportion. I didn’t have an injury or a tear or a rip or a break or anything.

‘It’s just literally I’m a 42-year-old guy who’s overweight and who went from not dancing to dancing hours a day.’

Chaz was spotted looking tired after another exhausting day of dance practice in Hollywood yesterday, and had no doubt given his tender spots another pounding.
He wore his trademark vest and shorts combo, and appeared noticeably trimmer than a few months ago.

And while eyebrows have been raised since the singer and actress has not attended the show yet, she is supposedly glued to the show at home and seems to believe in her son.

Chaz said: ‘You know, that’s up to her. It doesn’t have a lot to do with me. ‘She does her own thing, she watches.

‘As soon as the show’s over, I get pages and pages of texts from her. It’s crazy.’

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