New task force to develop recommendations for increasing number of San Francisco green buildings

A newly appointed Green Building Task Force will develop recommendations for increasing the number of San Francisco green buildings by mid-June, Mayor Newsom reported today.

The Task Force iis charged with developing expanded green building standards for major new private construction projects in San Francisco.

Its appointment follows new priority permitting for private development projects that meet a minimum ‘gold’ standard under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process.

“In just a few short months, the City’s fast-track permitting process has resulted in more than a dozen proposals for new green buildings,” said Newsom.

“The Green Building Task Force has built on that momentum and will look at the next steps that we can take to keep San Francisco at the forefront of environmentally responsible urban development,” continued the mayor.

The Task Force will also consider additional incentives to foster environmentally sensitive design and greater sustainability features in new development projects.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the construction and operation of conventional buildings uses 35% of all energy the nation consumes, and is responsible for 35% of the material that goes to landfills.
In addition, conventional buildings use 30% of all wood and other raw materials consumed and contribute to 35% of the carbon dioxide produced nationwide.

In contrast, green buildings maximize energy efficiency and resource utilization. Green buildings have significant advantages in providing healthy indoor environments for employees, employers, and residents.

Corporate productivity studies show natural lighting and natural ventilation in offices can improve employee productivity by as much as 16 percent.

Green Building Task Force members include:

􀂃 Ms. Kirsten Ritchie of Gensler, an international design firm

􀂃 Ms. Margie O’Driscoll of the American Institute of Architects

􀂃 Mr. Ken Cleaveland of the Building Owners and Managers Association

􀂃 Mr. Ezra Mersy of Jackson Pacific Ventures, a San Francisco-based housing developer

􀂃 Mr. Charles Breidinger, a San Francisco-based engineer, developer and member of the Building Inspection Commission’s Code Advisory Committee

􀂃 Mr. Ken Seibel of Tishman Speyer, an international property development and management firm

􀂃 Mr. Peter Liu of the New Resource Bank, a financier of sustainable projects and organizations

􀂃 Mr. Bill Worthen of Simon and Associates, a San Francisco-based green building consulting firm

􀂃 Mr. Mike Kerwin of Lorax Development, a local construction firm specializing in sustainable design

􀂃 Mr. Phil Williams of Webcor, a California-based construction and project management firm

􀂃 Staff from the Mayor’s Office of City Greening, Building Department, Planning Department, and Department of the Environment

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