High school sweethearts Buster and Kristen Posey announce the birth of Lee Dempsey Post and Addison Lynn Pose

Florida Lee County natives Buster Posey, left, and his wife Kristen ride the trolley
through San Francisco during last year’s World Series championship parade.
A few months later, the high school sweethearts found out Kristen was pregnant,
with twins, no less. and this past Sunday, Kristen gave birth
to healthy baby girl and boy.

High school sweethearts Buster and Kristen Posey welcome their first children into the world Sunday when Kristen gives birth to twins — Lee Dempsey Posey and Addison Lynn Posey — as Buster, who is out for the season with a leg injury for the San Francisco Giants, is able to be by his wife’s side every step of the way.


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