Alex Tourk joins Bevan Dufty for Mayor Campaign

Bevan Dufty, left, welcomes new team member Alex Tourk

From Bevan Dufty

I am writing to share with you some exciting news from my campaign. We have assembled a strong and experienced team. Today we are pleased to welcome Alex Tourk to Team Bevan.

Hiring Alex Tourk to run my campaign day-to-day is the final piece of the puzzle. He is a veteran of many hard fought, successful campaigns in San Francisco. I am thrilled to have his leadership, experience and talent managing my campaign.

My campaign continues to be led by San Francisco-based general consultant Michael Terris of Terris, Barnes & Walters along with an incredible team of specialists in fundraising, polling and media. Take a look at my complete team.

This team has tremendous expertise in strategy, message, creativity and boots on the ground which will give us a huge boost in this non traditional election.

On a personal note, I have had a great relationship with Alex since 1999 when we were both in neighborhood services for Mayor Willie Brown.

I’d like to share what Mayor Brown wrote in his column, “Willie’s World” in Sunday’s Chronicle.


I invite you to join our movement and engage in an incredible grass roots campaign that will propel us to victory in November. We hope you will be part of our team and invite you to sign up today.

Team Bevan has raised and matched over $1 million and is reaching voters every day by phone, mail and on their doorstep.

Keep in touch with my campaign at the Bevan Dufty for Mayor 2011 website or donate here.

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