Chris Cunnie enters San Francisco race for sheriff

Former SFPOA President Chris Cunnie (center) with California Attorney General Kamala Harris
and Supervisor Scott Wiener by his side, today filed papers with San Francisco Department
of Elections officially declaring his candidacy for Sheriff
Photo By Luke Thomas

Veteran San Francisco public safety and community leader Chris Cunnie took out papers today to become a candidate for San Francisco Sheriff.

Cunnie said that public safety in San Francisco, and throughout California, faces a “critical moment in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that will send tens of thousands of state prison inmates back to local communities.”

Chris Cunnie
Photo By Luke Thomas

“We need a Sheriff who understands how to be tough, when tough is called for. And we need a public safety leader who understands how to continue and expand the successful treatment and job training programs that keep inmates from returning to jails and prisons,” Cunnie said.

“Successful public safety is not just about punishment. It is not just about treatment. It’s about both,” Cunnie said.

A decorated San Francisco police officer, Cunnie served as Undersheriff of San Francisco until early this year. His service to the community includes both public safety posts, such as President of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, Chief of Investigations in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and Director of Emergency Communication in the administration of former Mayor Gavin Newsom, and leadership in the treatment community.

Cunnie was President of the Board of Directors of San Francisco’s storied Walden House and served as a board member of the California Narcotic Addict Evaluation Authority (established under California Proposition 36).

Cunnie said:

“I’m running for Sheriff because the landscape of the criminal justice system has changed. The United States Supreme Court decision reaffirmed that our state prison system is broken. As a result, prisoners are being released – and they’re coming to our doorstep. To meet this challenge, we need to break the habit of city and state agencies operating in silos. I am the right person for the job because I have worked in the jails, worked on the streets in law enforcement, worked in the treatment community to provide services to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated and worked in Sacramento to coordinate statewide public safety efforts. I can bring all of these groups together – and together we’ll keep San Francisco safe.”

California Attorney General Kamala Harris accompanied Cunnie at the Department of Elections where he took out papers to run for Sheriff in the November Election.

Kamala Harris

Harris said:

“Chris Cunnie has seen law enforcement and public safety from every angle: as Undersheriff, Chief of Investigations in my office as SF District Attorney, a decorated police officer and the leader of one of San Francisco’s most successful treatment programs. Chris is the candidate we’ve been waiting for – he can put it all together to keep San Francisco safe.”

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