Hamas leader says no to Gilad Shalit compromise

With abducted soldier about to spend another Passover in captivity, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh praises kidnappers’ determined stance;
terrorists’ demands for Shalit to constitute ‘new victory for Palestinian people,’ he says

By Elior Levy

Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, urged the Palestinian factions holding Gilad Shalit to insist on their prisoner swap demands.

Haniyeh made the remarks Saturday during a special session of the Palestinian parliament in Gaza convened to mark Palestinian Prisoner Day.

Ismail Haniyeh

The Hamas leader demanded that the Palestinian factions holding Shalit not compromise, saying that “the resistance will not disappoint the people and it will not disappoint the prisoners’ families.”

“The government backs the demands made by the resistance, and these demands shall constitute a new victory for the Palestinian people,” he said.

Haniyeh added that his government is following developments in Israel and added: “We are at the top of the mountain and we must stick to our demands. We are certain that the resistance won’t disappoint us.”


Meanwhile, Hamas’ Ahmad Bahar said Gilad Shalit should be held in captivity until a “dignified prisoners swap” can be completed. He also urged Palestinian groups to kidnap more Israeli soldiers.

Last week, Israel’s chief negotiator on the Shalit case, Hagai Hadas, informed the prime minister that he was resigning the post. The abducted soldier’s father, Noam Shalit referred to the issue in a talk with Ynet: “We don’t deal with personal matters. What’s important for us is the essence. The government’s failure needs no further testament like Hadas’ departure.”

“Two governments that failed in bringing Gilad back home for half a decade already prove this failure,” Shalit’s father said.



Omri Efraim contributed to this report.

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