Mayor Lee walks the talk in the Bayview – On Scene with Bill Wilson

Angry protesters urge Mayor Lee not to cut the homeless drop-in center
Photo By Bill Wilson © 2011

Sentinel Photojournalist
Bill Wilson © 2010

The merchant walk on Third Street in the Bayview started with angry supporters of a homeless drop-in center confronted the Mayor as he walked to the starting point. The anger soon turned to smiles when Mayor Lee agreed to come back to the Bayview to visit the program and learn first hand about its’ operation.

The Mayor’s agreement to visit the homeless drop-in center pleased
some of the program’s supporters who had come
to urge the Mayor not to cut services
Photo By Bill Wilson © 2011

The Mayor joined forces with the District Attorney, George Gascon, School Superintendent Carlos Garcia, and District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen to promote anti-truancy programs.

Mayor Lee speaks as Supervisor Cohen and District Attorney George Gascon listen
Photo By Bill Wilson © 2011

After a brief indoors press conference the Mayor preceded to walk several blocks of Third Avenue stopping to talk with various business owners to stress the need for everyone to help young people not in school.

Mayor Lee and April Spears of “Auntie April’s” restaurant
Photo By Bill Wilson © 2011

April Spears urged the Mayor to support parenting programs for adult so that they can get the help they need in raising children.

Mayor Lee entering a business on Third Street
Photo By Bill Wilson © 2011

While there was much serious discussion about issues that are facing the Bayview and the city in general there were some lighter moments. Such as when the founder of the Bayview Barber College showed the District Attorney and the Mayor one of customer’s almost completed haircut. I don’t know if they had advanced warning of the Mayor’s planned visit, but the man was getting the Golden Gate Bridge cut into hair.

The Golden Gate Bridge haircut
Photo By Bill Wilson © 2011

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